Shaun McBride, LMP


Shaun graduated in 1995 from a Portland OR massage school. She worked as a human massage therapist for many years before shifting to work with canines. Shaun brings a deep understanding of the physical body, physiology, a love of muscles and movement, and combines this with a working knowledge of learning theory and humane, force-free training practices. She strives to actively prevent potential issues whether physical or behavioral, and address a dog's issues in a way that is fun and effective. Shaun believes all animals have an inherent dignity and grace. Through bodywork, behavioral assessment and
training, or early puppy education, that grace can be fostered and the Graceful Dog within will emerge. She considers the whole dog, environment, and lifestyle when determining a tailored action plan. Shaun formerly competed as a female bodybuilder and lives with her husband in North Seattle.

View Shaun's work with dog training & bodywork.
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