James Spetz, LMP


Jim graduated from Everest College in Fife WA and has been working as a Massage Therapy & Relaxation Specialist since 2009. He has practiced all over North Pierce and South King Counties. He specializes in injury, treatment, and relaxation massage using a variety of modalities, all custom tailored to suit each client's wants and needs. Each massage starts with an assessment, and is continued on with skilled manual techniques and a variety of passive stretching that comes straight from his heart. Jim is skilled in many techniques to give each client the best massage possible. For example, he has the IntraOral massage endorsement on his license to treat TemporoMandibular Joint Disorder (TMJD). Additionally, Jim is a member of the ATMA-WA chapter’s Sports Massage Team doing Pacific Northwest athletic and cultural events.  When not doing corporate massage work, Jim lives in Federaly Way WA and works in SeaTac WA. Jim and his wife enjoy geocaching in the Pacific Northwest.

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